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The Total Image, Inc.

Million Dollar Collar 

We are offering the Million Dollar Collar solution as an upgrade to any new custom shirt you order. We are also offering the Million Dollar Collar solution as an additional service to your existing shirt. Please contact us for more details.

The Problem

A Fundamental Design Flaw 

* No built-in reinforcement in the shirt placket

*This lack of reinforcement causes the placket to collapse in a sloppy mess

A Permanent Solution

Million Dollar Collar®

• Million Dollar Collar® is the only - patented

- permanently installed placket stay for

dress shirts designed to prevent a shirt's

placket from collapsing when worn


• Thin, Lightweight, and Durable

• Provides much-needed reinforcement

• Result: Sharper, More Polished appearance.

• Easily installed or integrated into production


• Fits all plackets

• Men’s & Women’s shirts