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Made-to-Measure Apparel and Fashion Accessories

Custom or Made-to-Measure clothing is tailored to the individuals measurements. These measurements are customized to fit the specific body type. When you purchase Off-the-Rack clothing in department stores, they are are based on universal sizes. Therefore, the fit doesn't necessarily match the size. Custom or Made-to-Measure clothing gives you the tailored look and feel. 

We offer these items for Men and Women:

    • Suit
    • Blazer/Sportcoat
    • Trousers
    • Waistcoat/Vest
    • Dress Shirt/Blouse
    • Casual Shirt
    • Trench Coat/Overcoat
    • Custom Jeans
    • Custom Shoes, Small Accessories, and Luggage (see below)

We feel that every individual who wears custom clothing will feel more confident. And with more confidence comes more productivity in your lifestyle. The way people perceive you creates lasting first impressions. Let us help make that memory 

For more service details, feel free to contact us

Custom Handmade Shoes

We provide custom handmade shoes made by phenomenal artisans. Our shoemakers have been making shoes since 1850, using time honored English shoe making skills such as Goodyear welted soles & hand dyed uppers. We can provide custom handmade shoes up to size 17. We provide shoes, boots, bags for men and women. Whether you want to be creative or upgrade an existing style. We can provide those services. Contact us for more info and a chance to provide your custom shoe experience.

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